PillPacPlus Making Medication Simple

Do you always remember when to take your medicines?
Are you always sure that you have taken your medicines?
Carers … are you spending too long sorting out medicines?
Is it a challenge to bring bulky medicines with you on holidays?

Then PillPacPlus is the solution for you … medicines organised for you in safe sachets to take at the time needed.


Step One ... register your interest

Contact us to register for this service. In a couple of minutes you can fill out our contact form with a few of your details (or you can register for someone else if you are a carer, family member). You tell us when to contact you and one of our pharmacists will call you and talk you through the process and how to complete your sign up. You will also verify that it is okay for us to contact your GP to discuss your treatment.

Step Two ... agree your personal-plan

We’ll talk through your prescriptions with you and together we work out a plan for managing your medication. We can plan what times of the day suit you best and programme your sachets to work around your everyday life.

Step Three ... create your sachets

We enter your treatment plan into our system and our robot generates your medication in easy to use sachets in line with your treatment plan. Sachets are filled, labelled and sealed with your medication. Your sachets are then checked and double checked by our robots and pharmacists to make sure everything is perfect.

Step Four ... prepare your PillPacPlus box

After your sachets are checked, the roll is put into a recyclable box with your agreed course of medication. We will contact you to let you know when your medication is ready for collection or to organise home delivery for those customers who are isolated or may be infirm or lack mobility due to age, disability or ill health.

Step Five ... managing your refills

When your medication is coming near to the end we will check with you that no changes have been made by the doctor and will reorder on your behalf to ensure your is medication is prepared in ample time for your next cycle’s supply.

This website provides information, not medical advice. Medical information can be subject to change therefore information displayed must never be used as an alternative to, or replacement for, advice given by a qualified medical professional.